Ruth Boxler

Ruth started as an artist in 2002 creating drawings, paintings, small sculptures, and installations. Her artworks are spontaneous reactions to an experience or a visual impression. The creative implementations and compositions with colours, materials and shapes are unlimited.


Red Dot Miami 2023

Ruth Boxler, VIBES, MOODS, RESONANCES, 2022, Acrylic Ink on White Canvas, 120 x 120 cmRuth Boxler, VIBES, MOODS, RESONANCES, 2018, Acrylic Ink on Black Canvas, 100 x 100 cm
For the Red Dot Miami 2023, Ruth has carefully selected paintings from the series “Vibes, Moods, Resonances.” These pieces radiate harmony and a celebration of life’s joys. Her iron wire creations, titled “Guests,” introduce an element of wonder and intrigue to the exhibition.