Marion Duschletta

Marion Duschletta
Marion Duschletta, born in 1972, is a Swiss Pop-Art artist, dedicated to her craft for more than 15 years. Her captivating artworks have graced galleries and exhibition spaces both at home and abroad.

Marion’s creative process unfolds in two distinct studios, one nestled in the picturesque Emmental Valley and the other in the serene backdrop of Lake Como, Italy. She calls a charming Swiss farm in the enchanting Emmental region her home, where she masterfully balances her artistry with the rhythms of farm life.

Her artistic creations are a fusion of photography, collage art, and acrylic mixed media, resulting in pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind. The unique charm of her work arises from the breathtaking compositions achieved by layering different photos, infused with patterns, colors, textures, and adorned with dynamic elements like splashes, drops, and sprinkles, giving her work a vibrant and expressive character.

Marion’s artistic reach extends beyond her canvas, as she has forged exciting collaborations with renowned companies such as Confiserie Sprüngli, Coca Cola Switzerland, Starbucks Switzerland, Orell Füssli, and many others on captivating art projects. Notably, she was commissioned for a significant undertaking, creating paintings for the illustrious REVIER Hotel & Suites in Dubai. Marion’s artistic journey is a testament to the limitless possibilities of creativity and the profound impact of art in diverse settings.