Press Release Red Dot Miami 2023

                                                                                                                                                                      Press Release Van Leeuwen Art, 24 October 2023

RED DOT Miami 2023, December 6 – 10, 2023
Opening: Wednesday, 6 December, 5-9 pm

VAN LEEUWEN ART will present a collection featuring the diverse talents of five emerging artists from the USA, Switzerland, and The Netherlands. This carefully curated exhibition, set to be showcased at Red Dot Miami 2023, encompasses a wide range of artistic expressions, spanning digital works, traditional paintings, paintings on steel, photography, and captivating objects. These artists, CRAITR, Marion Duschletta, Neil Enggist, Ruth Boxler, and Carol P. Govaert, have poured their creative energies into a captivating body of work spanning the years 2012 to 2023.

A prominent highlight of this exhibition is the AI artist, CRAITR, who boldly explores the theme "DIGITAL MIRRORS: AI'S REFLECTION OF YOUTH." CRAITR's presence in the art world represents a paradigm shift, challenging established norms and traditions in the creative realm. At Red Dot Miami 2023, CRAITR unveils its inaugural Miami Collection, offering a profound reflection on the way artificial intelligence, shaped by human hands, perceives our society. The focus here is on the younger generation, poised on the precipice between self-realization and self-destruction, as they quest for meaning and purpose in our complex world. The featured portraits act as mirrors through which our society can view its own reflection, illustrating the concept that input begets output. The vivid and expressive nature of these artworks promises to leave a lasting impression on visitors.
Swiss Pop-Art artist, Marion Duschletta, transforms the canvas with her extraordinary compositions, blending photography, collage, and acrylic mixed media. Her works exude vibrancy and expression, adorned with splashes, drops, and sprinkles that render each piece a unique masterpiece. Notably, she presents her enchanting pieces specially crafted in homage to the vibrant culture and scenery of Miami and two previous works, "FABULOUS MARYLIN MONROE, 2021" and "AMAZING AUDREY HEPBURN, 2021."

Neil Enggist, a fine artist raised in Princeton Junction, New Jersey, and educated at prestigious institutions like Washington University in St. Louis and Santa Reparata in Florence, Italy, presents a mesmerizing collection of "Nature action paintings." These works transcend conventional art, establishing an ecological conversation between humanity and the natural world. What sets Enggist apart is his exceptional use of steel as a canvas, yielding pieces that evolve and transform with oxidation. Enggist aspires to guide viewers towards their own understanding of infinity, wildness, and self-realization.

Ruth Boxler, based in Malans, Switzerland, has been crafting art since 2002. Her authentic and color-centric works from the series "VIBES, MOODS, RESONANCES" radiate the joy of life. Whether painted on canvas or sculpted from wood, her creations embody a distinctly reduced formal language, continuously reimagined in fresh constellations. "GUESTS," a testament to her versatility, showcases her talent with a simple piece of iron wire.

Finally, Carol P. Govaert, also known as Alter Ego Magpeye, American born in El Salvador, transports viewers into a world tinged with melancholy. Her atmospheric and cinematic photographic works delve into the darker recesses of human nature, unraveling profound narratives unhindered through the lens of the camera. Of particular note are her two exceptional series: "COMPLEXITY, 2016," produced in collaboration with model and artist Petra Benach, and "ODE TO THE DREAM OF THE FISHERMAN'S WIFE, 2016," which pays homage to the Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. Govaert's photographic explorations offer a unique perspective on the enigmatic facets of life.