JABBA is an emerging artist from Geneva Switzerland, who has been developing his painting practice for the last ten years. His works explore the theme of space events as a means of engaging the viewers’ curiosity and imagination.

The exhibition presents a series of paintings that offer a unique perspective on the universe. The artist invites the audience to embark on a journey to remote locations that are beyond human reach. The paintings reveal aspects of the universe that are hidden, unknown, and unspeakable. They challenge the conventional representations of space and invite the viewers to discover new realities.

The artist is inspired by the recent developments in space exploration. He conducts extensive research on the space environment and combines factual elements with artistic expression. He concentrates on mysterious space events that evoke wonder and awe in the viewers. Space is a limitless source of inspiration for JABBA, and it is the core of his artistic practice. Through his spatial vision, he exposes the viewers to scenes that are impossible to capture with a camera. He anticipates a future where human civilization will expand its scientific horizons. Until then, JABBA’s works can transport the viewers anywhere.