Ramón Pedraza

Born in 1966, Ramón Pedraza embarked on his artistic journey after graduating in design in 1984. He then moved to Havana, where he became a member of the Cuban Association of Artists (ACAA). Under the guidance of skilled mentors, he honed his skills in goldsmithing and sculpture. In 2011, Ramón relocated to Miami, USA, where he continued to thrive as an artist, exploring new styles and materials.

One of his most remarkable achievements is the renowned sculpture titled "Ode to Freedom," an impressive 28-foot-tall steel monument that warmly welcomes visitors to Hialeah, Florida.

Ramón's artistic brilliance has earned him international recognition, with his works featured in private collections and esteemed institutions worldwide. His captivating sculptures and innovative designs have left an indelible mark on the art world.

Ramón is represented by the Cosculluela Gallery in Miami.