Anshu Malhotra

Anshu Malhotra is an abstract artist whose work explores the human condition, mental health, and historical narratives, particularly those of the India-Pakistan partition. Her art, characterized by vivid colors and intricate gold convolutions, symbolizes the complex emotional landscapes and memories within the human psyche. Anshu's work is inspired by her ancestors' resilience during the tumultuous period of partition, and she uses her art to shed light on mental health issues that continue to affect many.

Starting her professional journey as a scientist researching human brain tumors, Anshu turned to painting as a creative outlet after migrating to the US. Her art serves as a tribute to the sacrifices made and the journeys undertaken during times of forced migration and cultural upheaval. Through her work, she aims to foster conversations around mental health and invites viewers to explore their own emotional complexities. Her art is a celebration of her ancestors' enduring legacy and a testament to their resilience amidst adversity.