Viewing Room

Selected Art Pieces
Omar Rigoni
Haunted Passion, 2018
Acryl on Canvas
50 x 50 cm
Omar Rigoni (1980)

My painting is the result of a life lived in the speed of light”, Omar Rigoni says about his art. And he adds: “The time flies by, borders are obliterated, and emotions find a conduit to organize themselves”

Haunted Passion is one of the 10 works which will be shown at the Artexpo New York 2020. Omar’s work is twofold, the subjects of his paintings deal with anger, fear, frustration and the terrible impotence of people towards injustice, cruelty – of body and mind -, the power of climate change, terminal medical verdicts, and more. On the other hand, there are these wonderful colors that contradict all dark thoughts. They make you breathe they make you smile. The colors tell us that there is still hope and room for enjoying all the good things this world has to offer.

Neil Enggist
Untitled Odyssey, 2019
Acrylic, ink, pigment, sand, collaged canvas on canvas
63 x 45 inches
Neil Enggist (1982)

Neil Enggist is a painter living and working between New York, Switzerland and Lisbon. He studied fine arts at Washington University in St. Louis and Santa Reparata in Florence. Neil’s paintings are created on the journey, using materials, stones, leaves, sand, water, salt, mud and brushes from the surrounding environment, along with pigment, ink, blues, saris, wine, iridescent dust carried up the mountain. Certain pieces are brought back to his studio to be intensified, set on fire, danced on or put through storms. As we can see in the Untitled Odessey.

Isabella Portmann (1976-2023)
The Tempest, 2017
Oil on Canvas
140 x 140 cm
Isabella Portmann (1976-2023)

The Tempest one of Jsabella’s non-figurative abstract art is intended to inspire the viewer to pause, reflect, and awaken the subconscious. Dealing with intuition, breaking out of comfort zones and leading the work to impact the observer. Her work is generally informed by her spiritual experiences, a high aesthetic standard and strong consistency. Her method of working is characterized by capturing the dynamic through her very restless and driven nature – “It is all about the flow”. There is always a powerful interaction between her, the canvas and the paint in which completely absorbs her. Brush strokes can vary from fine and delicate through energetic and powerful allowing the colors to speak for themselves.

Maritta Winter
Skydream, 2019
Aluminium pearl lacquered, 19 inches high
2/6, Edition of 6
Maritta Winter (1961)

What influence does the visual environment have on our condition?
To what extent can the sight of balanced, centered shapes (cause) trigger the viewer to balance himself? These are subjects Maritta thinks about. The predominant form is round shapes that brings to mind the generosity of nature, the sensuality of a body and the vitality of dance. Tenderness and strength are expressed at the same time. Her sculptures evoke a sensory world in which the forms are called upon to touch the shapes and to be carried into a beauty and rhythm. Her longstanding engagement with architecture revealed parallels to the sculptures she creates. « It’s a different scale, the effect of shape and color remains the same. »

Carol P. Govaert
Of the Series: Ode to the Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife, 2016
Edition of 10
Carol P. Govaert (1964)

“Photography is the medium that helps me explore the world, which often confounds me. I exorcise my demons, discover buried emotions, and poke fun at this crazy place”. says Carol P. Govaert.

The inspiration for the series Ode to the Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife comes from a class on iconography presented at the Hermitage in Amsterdam. She became fascinated by how objects and living beings were utilized metaphorically to represent life. While researching, she came upon the work by the Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. She found the image intriguing and decided to photograph her own rendition. In a further study, she learned that the octopus is often used in many cultures to represent sex. Off she went to purchase her first “Oscar,” and the series flowed out of her during a mad photography session. Three photos out of the series Ode to the Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife will be shown at Art Expo New York 2020.